nov 2


I saw a Celia Pearce presentation last night that was really insightful. The topic: using game theory in interactive storytelling for journalists.

(Sidenote: Celia's site also has this interesting area: WTC. In one piece, she describes 9-11-01 as "a day without airplanes (or commercials)." And there's a somewhat intriguing use of an Excel spreadsheet as a memorial art object.)

I'm working up to a bigger piece about game theory and narrative, and here are some links that I'm pondering:

 Towards a Game Theory of Game, by Celia Pearce
 The Sims Take on Al Qaeda
 Hamlet And The Holodeck Resource Page
 The Interactive Book: A Guide to the Interactive Revolution, by Celia Pearce
 Zero Sum Game Solver, by David K. Levine
 Game Studies
 Cracking The Maze
 Majestic: You only use 12% of your brain. Mind if we play with the rest?
 NokiaGame had some great game theory and application stuff, but I'm worried the defunct site may have jettisoned its content.
 Art Works Depicting Famous Journalistic Scenes In The Style Of The Game The Sims., by Jon Haddock
 (Many of these links and the ideas sparking me are gathered from a UofM New Media Studies conference on this topic.)

Let me know if you have others leads.

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