aug 29

The Office

Ugh, NBC apparently wants to kill The Office, at least that's all I can surmise from this maudlin promo. Blech!


Oh come on. The show is not going to change. NBC is doing fans a favor. They are using the promo to draw in more viewers - viewers who might be compelled by things like unrequited love and cute boys. That doesn't mean that the writers will change their writing or the actors will change their acting or that the show will become something that it's not. But it will mean that the show may gain higher ratings, keeping it around longer for those who love it for all the right reasons. Suck it up.

posted by Alison at 3:50 AM on August 29, 2006

fans have been assembling jim and pam clips into their own fake maudlin promos, so i guess it doesn't surprise me that nbc would run with the idea, too. that said, it's naive to think that if tons of new viewers tune in for a dose of vitamin 'will they wont they' that nbc won't pander to them more than those of us who tune in for a dose of vitamin schrute would probably like.

posted by dave at 11:46 AM on August 29, 2006

I thought the show was leaning too far in this direction last season, and after seeing that last night it's hard not to think your worst fears are confirmed. It might be the case that fans came to the show for this standard romantic plotline, but if changing the dynamic into a traditional sitcom plot is saving its ratings I have to wonder if it's really worth saving.

posted by Josh at 12:00 PM on August 29, 2006

I don't ever remember wanting to TiVo something so I could watch it jump the shark.

posted by Peter at 9:49 AM on August 31, 2006

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