nov 13


 Don't toot your horn yet. Pakistan Warns Of Blood Bath as Taliban Retreats.

 The New Yorker asks and somewhat answers: Why did the World Trade Center buildings fall down when they did? This piece is really interesting for anyone with architectural or engineering interests.

 I'm not usually a fan of the "here's a goofy story" blogging (since Obscure Store mastered it, why bother?), but here's one to pass your cubicle time with: Woman Pregnant Twice.

 Want a real alternative to the browser wars? Opera 6.0 Beta 1 For Windows is out. Seriously, this is a fast browser that renders many pages quicker than IE or Netscape.

 As a twist on, I think I'm going to start MarrowMonkey would be a lead entrant. (This one: art. I think.)

 Whose fault is it that the Internet sucks lately? Big Business. (This is a little scape-goatish, but it's also accurate.)

 Someone screengrabbed yesterday after the plane crash in NYC. Check out the advert.

 I've been bemoaning the loss of some of my favorite magazines: Lingua Franca, ArtByte, Bust. A minor respite is their archive pages: Lingua Franca Archives | Artbyte Archives | Bust Archives.

 My old stomping grounds is on the front page of right now. Until the spring of 1997, my apartment was on the right.

 Okay, okay, I'll turn the webcam back on. But only so that I can point it out the window and show you how beautiful Minnesota is this time of year. (Seriously, this is crazy. Mid-November and not only is there no snow, but I don't even wear a coat to work.)

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