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I don't know how ro get to some place to put my comment re Chris Wallace interview with Clinton. But I say hang in there Chris! Altought i think Clinton is a sick man.

posted by Dorothy Craver at 4:02 PM on September 25, 2006

we are not safer than before 911. it is time to have a new congress and house in our government. the war that bush thought was so vital for our security is just not so. it has indeed promoted the hate to grow and has given cause to create more insurrgency to grow. george bush, who you at fox do so openly defend, is not too bright and is extremely stubborn. amnisty for illegal aliens, lower gas prices, etc.--just in time for the election. with the illegal aliens in the hopper and their happiness with george bush they will be enamored with the powers to be to cast their votes for the republican party. as a citizen and supporter of my country it is time to produce a fool-proof i.d. card in order to prove they are legal citizens eligible to vote. bush is just getting nervous that the majority will lose and than he will be up the creek without a paddle. he always claims that the democrats do nothing.....well how can they? they are just short of votes. george bush has divided the country and the government. even his own party is moving away from him....tough to get your party elected when you appear to agree with him, or play follow the leader. i am a voter who votes for the man that can best do the job. i will now work diligently to vote democratic. he has not separated church and state, and i believe that G_D will find that unacceptable. no matter what anyone says Clinton was a great president. he left us debt free with a balanced budget and a surplus. bush has been borrowing more and more money from china. does he not realize that they own us. more and more cells are being put together and we are in deep trouble. the average american is getting deeper and deeper into debt, but he keeps spending and giving back to the rich. even the wealthy admit to this. give tax breaks to the oil companies when their profits just keep growing. how screwed up can we be? as screwed up as he wants us to be. after all his term will be up soon and who cares? certainly not him. he struts around and portrays himself as a saviour. he did not even know where his heart was located at the memorial for the people who died at 911. we are in danger for more attacks...our ports are not protected...our borders are not protected....our young men are being killed partially due to not being properly equipped and protected...our military is spread thin...we are not respected by the world community...our secretary of defense is a dummy and not a military man....he needs to terrorism is much worse, not better...bush has to go, sooner the better. our country is in deep trouble and it is scary for us the citizens. the homeland security is sorely lacking....politics and more politics. how about stop being political and start protecting our country. we are not winning in iraq, we invaded another country and we should have stayed in our own backyard and find bin laden. afghanistan has become a place on the back burner and billions to iraq. does anyone of bush's followers believe that even if bin laden was dead that another leader will not emerge. dumb and dumber. for a long time i watched fox news, but not for the past 3 years. no longer are you fair and balanced, but most decidely one sided. the war in irag is fostering more hate for the United States and making more danger to us as citizens.b

posted by sandra berman at 4:23 AM on September 26, 2006

E.D. HIll was the spark that lit the morning show. Where is she , and can we please have her back at the 7-9A.M.segment with Steve and Brian. I may not be the constant viewer that I have been if she does not return. Please

posted by Mary Hartnett at 7:26 AM on September 27, 2006

I have always loved tuning on fox, specially when it somes to world news, the only disappointing and frustrating part is whenever Mr. O'reilly comes on, he is the most annoying, disgusting and an ultimate disgrace to the network, he needs to either find something else to do, just seeing his face on TV, is extremely depressing, and I don't need to add anymore to my problems. Where in the world did you find this sorry excuse for a man and sorry to be frank but, whoever hired O'reilly must have been on drugs that day. We need highly educated, respectful and compationate individuals as models to watch on TV, there already so much sadness going on around the world and to add a moron like him is something we can do without.The talking at the sametime something is speaking is totally rude, I understand the time constriction, but, common courtesy which does not seem to exist anymore is very annoying and disturbing to watch nor listen too. We are already in a senseless war that we will never win, men and women are dying in a war that did not really come about due to the WTC attack, we should have hunted and captured Bin Ladin, instead of Sadam, but it's too late now. This people are born and bread this way, they even train kids a young age to kill, no one and certainly not Bush can change them. We need to leave them alone and let them do as they wish then maybe they will stop attacking us, they feed on anger, and the more angry they get by us medling with their affairs, we need to focus on what's supposedly Bush's priority, and that the United states and the people here, there are people here in our own country who are in need of food, shelter, and medical assistance, we cannot dish out money to help our people but yet we have money to burn for a war that we'll never win, not in Bush's lifetime, nor any one's lifetime, We are born different, the that, we have to respect so as for others to respect ours.

posted by Joy C. Gloria at 12:38 AM on September 29, 2006

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