oct 4

Hold Steady Guide to the Twin Cities

Fucking brilliant. You won't fully enjoy it unless you're from the midwest, but here it is: The Hold Steady Guide To The Twin Cities. It Google Maps all the Minneapolis/St. Paul references on Hold Steady albums. "City Center used to be the center of the scene. Now City Center's over. No one really goes there."


Man, it's crazy the things that make me miss Minneapolis. But that pshit about Loring Park makes me weapy.

posted by Rex at 4:09 AM on October 4, 2006

"wrong way down 169" always reminds me of my near-DUI(s) after pool league. That and (lifter puller) line about a City Center hangout: "..straight looking chick and the prick that she picked up at the Nankin" those were the days!

posted by tw at 1:47 PM on October 5, 2006

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