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Tina Fey in the Onion

The Studio 60 / 30 Rock / SNL update: Tina Fey gives a pointed "no comment" to her opinions of Studio 60 in an Onion interview. Everyone linked to the Fox News story about how Studio 60 is about to die, but the L.A. Times is reporting it ain't true. And in an article that strangely mirrors the fictional Vanity Fair article in Studio 60, The Village Voice goes behind the scenes and asks if SNL can even be relevant today.


Check out this Aaron Sorkin bit over at McSweeney's. It's on par with all the talk about his overhighbrowedness.

posted by Eric at 10:29 AM on November 2, 2006

On 30 Rock last night, there was a subtle jab at Sorkin in which Tina Fey and another character doing a walk-and-talk (a Sorkin staple) that goes in a complete circle, which she then self-consciously points out.

posted by Rex at 11:10 AM on November 2, 2006

Ha! That was funny by itself but funnier now that I get the reference. There is an awful lot of walking on 60, isn't there. Guess artificial conversations are easier to spot when two people are standing still.

posted by Eric at 12:55 PM on November 3, 2006

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