nov 10

Mickey Avalon

Want me to make your day? Go listen to Mickey Avalon (MySpace | album). Here's a video for "So Rich So Pretty" and the audio to his best track, "Jane Fonda."


Hearing him sorta reminds me of the feeling I had the first time I heard Beck.

posted by Rex at 5:58 PM on November 10, 2006

not sure, but pretty sure you have heard of this guy then.

Jamie T

posted by cornejo at 6:05 PM on November 10, 2006

really? I'd rather watch Studio 60

posted by Dik at 6:44 PM on November 10, 2006

he's so addictive!I can't stop singing "I'm mickey Avalon, call me Mr. Right..."...

posted by Marina at 5:57 PM on November 18, 2006

I like how the Amazon page accidentally includes 50+ silent tracks.

posted by rex at 6:21 PM on November 18, 2006

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