nov 24

The Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations

The other day at the office, I noticed someone carrying a copy of The Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations, the idea of which completely infatuated me. It's basically a guidebook to teeny-tiny nations with self-declared sovereignty, oftentimes established in someone's backyard. The Empire of Atlantium, The Principality of Sealand, and The Republic of Molossia are such example. NPR has an interview and BLDG BLOG has another. (One of the authors of the book, Simon Sellars, is interviewed in the latter. He also runs one of my favorite blogs, Ballardian, which is its own micronation of sorts).

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The Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations is excellent, and the co-author Simon Sellars seems like a great guy. The LP guide didn't include my own micronation Alphistia...sadly, but perhaps the second edition will. Details are at and

posted by Anthony Skaggs at 6:57 PM on November 25, 2006

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