nov 29

Done With Digg?

A Biz 2.0 blog post asks, have you been unsubscribing from Digg feeds like everyone else has? Count me in.

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I have pretty much had it, too. The whole thing seems to have been *completely* taken over by 17-year-old boys. The comments are unbelievable. Also annoying: the links in the RSS feed go to the item on Digg, not the page they are actually talking about. Popular is almost a decent alternative, but it's too techie (and seems to be becoming more so lately). Why does every other item have to be about doing rounded corners in CSS?

Too bad that Calacanis/Netscape thing didn't work out. It might have been a good middle ground. I am going to make a meta feed of you, Waxy, BB, Lost Remote, and Romenesko and call it a day. (Or maybe I'll just call it Linkit.)

posted by adm at 10:27 PM on November 29, 2006

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