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Even though I don't use it all that much, I'm a huge fan of my Slingbox, which basically streams my DVR to my computer and phone. Now, it sounds like Sling Media will launch a reverse product, which brings internet video to your tv. It's interesting that we've been asking all this time who would bring tv to the internet when the real question might be who will bring the internet to tv?

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Hey..just got back from CES where i test drove the sling catcher..

it's an impressive device but still lacking that umph! to really take off into peoples homes... I know it's early because the device is still being tested, in fact, i asked to see the software and the demo guy refused - simply its not ready yet.

The images i saw at the show was cbs.com video being streamed from the pc thru sling catcher to a 27' inch LCD....the video was smooth but not choppy, obviously the more the image was expanded, th worse it looked, this product is too early to tell if its worth the $200+ nvestment.......

posted by Matt!! at 12:12 AM on January 15, 2007

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