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Drawing Restraint

While in SF for a conference last summer, I dropped in to see Matthew Barney's newest, Drawing Restraint 9, at SFMOMA. It was fascinating and, I suppose, a little tiring, but also surprisingly simple, not nearly as ponderous as some people suggest. Nonetheless, while Barney's style has kept me engaged enough to seek out his work while traveling, his distribution methods have always annoyed the fuck out of me. His insistence on not releasing these works on DVD has always struck me as more pretentious than anything involving dressing up like a bird-satyr-angel-fish thing. ANYWAY, apparently a copy of Drawing Restraint has leaked onto the internet. Up next: the edited version for Blockbuster.

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a few years ago i was in new york, and had some time to kill so i did the whole museum thing one afternoon. the guggenheim had a whole bunch of matthew barney stuff, which covered most of what he'd sone up to that point. anyway, i enjoyed the show even more than i expected i would because of the somewhat horrified looks on about half of the peoples faces. the guggenheim is part of a 3 museum package, so it wasn't really a conscious choice on their part to go see some matthew barney!

posted by kittyholmes at 4:04 AM on January 13, 2007

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