jan 14

Olympic Sculpture Park

Living a few blocks from The Walker's enviable sculpture garden in Minneapolis had spoiled me on the elision of public space and art projects (not to mention providing an impressive place to take girls on first dates). Much is being made about a similar project, The Olympic Sculpture Park, opening in Seattle this week, which happens to be less than two blocks from my current condo -- you can actually almost see into my window in the photo atop the Sunday NYT review. The Seattle Times provides beaucoup multimedia and an overview of the major sculptures in the park (the usuals: Kelly, Serra, Nevelson, Calder, Oldenburg, Smith, Bourgeois) while Seattle's best art critic, Jen Graves, notes in The Stranger that January is not the best time to open a sculpture garden. For out-of-towners: Bill Gate's step-mother, Mimi Gates runs the Seattle art scene as director of both the Seatle Art Museum and Seattle Asian Art Museum. The official opening is next weekend, after which I'll post some more thoughts.


is the walker's sculpture garden no longer the largest?

posted by Chris at 1:12 PM on January 14, 2007

If you get any shots of the new park, post them at our Flickr photo group for shots of the park!


posted by BWM at 2:33 PM on January 14, 2007

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