jan 30

fake and real

 Madonna and child.

 This collection of bootlegs from 2001 has beaucoup whack MP3s on it. For instance, The Strokes meet Christina Aguilera and Nirvana and Destiny's Child.

 The 50 Best Companies To Work For, according to Fortune, who I wouldn't trust with a $3 Enron retirement fund.

 There's a rumor that Dan the Automator and Dr. Octagon will be doing the next Beck album. Woo-hoo!

 Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. Poor boy, never got shot at.

 WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC, but also somehow bold and funny: The Ultimate Breast Test. Playboy has put 36 playmate bare-chests online and asked a simple question for each pair: REAL or FAKE? I guess if you play it right, you can find out if any playmate has been, well, enhanced. I suppose the reason I'm fascinated by this (and it's not because it's erotic, cuz these decapitated heads really aren't, er, titillating) is that Playboy has gone so far as to actually gather and reveal this data. (Oh yeah, I got 30 out of 36.)

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