jan 22

Keillor v. MySpace

Ever since the dickhead tried to sue me, I've hated Garrison Keillor. No wait, I hated him before that. Anyway, his latest column argues that the way to look cool is to carry around a newspaper. This guy is so fucking old that he makes Andy Rooney look sane. [via]


You seem a little bitter....

posted by Little Sis, Lisa at 3:53 PM on January 22, 2007

Pour yourself another shot of rubbing alcohol. You're too old to die young. And it's go'in to be a long winter.

posted by Big Bro at 12:36 AM on January 23, 2007

So your critique is that he's old? Well, he is, and you will be one day too. It's just a little meditation on the civility of sitting down and reading an actual newspaper. Seems harmless enough, it's nice to unplug from time to time.

posted by hmm at 5:44 PM on January 23, 2007

No, my critique is that he's an old dickhead.

posted by Rex at 6:32 PM on January 23, 2007

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