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Truly Indie Fans

This one's gonna cause even more than the normal amount of NYT Styles backlash: Truly Indie Fans is about black people who like indie rock. It tries to find the right note, but still smacks of essentialism.

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The NYT Styles section for years now has been about as cultural meaningful as the TV show Sex in the City, but the article you speak was hard to simply ignore as trite.

It's an article written to make a white person feel that they aren't uncool and it killed a little piece of me inside.

Why not write an article about lesser know trends in the non-white communities instead of writing about a subset that like the same thing their readers like.

50 years ago similar journalism would have been writing articles such as some 'Southern black citizens like the Jim Crow laws.'

posted by Ted Rheingold at 7:47 PM on January 29, 2007

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