feb 9

Ryan Adams

My pal Melissa has an awesome essay on the back page of Spin this month about How Ryan Adams (Of All People) Became an Internet Visionary. If you don't know, Ryan Adams recently released 13 albums on his website all under different pseudonyms -- chill rapper DJ Reggie, screamo outfit WereWolph, and bratty punkers the Shit, etc. It's just the kind of preposterously genius thing that the internet allows. Just a small excerpt from the essay: "Strangely, the biggest complaint people have posted about Adams is the same argument out-of-touch pundits once used about the Internet: There's too much information out there, and not enough of it has been edited. It's surprising that the same people who celebrate the Web for breaking down mainstream media's cultural gatekeeping now want something very old-fashioned: a new filter to tell them which of this stuff is any good." Rock.

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