mar 5

Blogger Tantrums

This is about as insider ball as it gets: 10 Great Blogger Temper Tantrums. What's weird is I remember each one very distinctly.

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11. Rex Sorgatz and the entire staff of BoingBoing (except Mark) get in to fisticuffs over link reciprocity via their Treo's; Waxy writes a 3,000 word blog entry describing the entire thing, which Kottke linkblogs. It then gets written up in the New Yorker. Cory Doctorow, unable to speak after his jaw is wired shut for three weeks, launches a boycott of the city of New York because he can't read the aforementioned New Yorker article due to the DRM used on the PDF's from their website.

posted by Jim Ray at 4:14 AM on March 5, 2007

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