feb 28


 I'm so tired. I'm building my first Flash-ColdFusion hybrid application. Despite what they say, these products are not a perfect match. However, I've decided that Fimoculous 2.0 will be a Flash-CF concoction once I master this.

 FOX does it again. A new show will feature boxing matches between celebrities, including Amy Fisher vs. Tonya Harding.

 Also on FOX, Bill O'Reilly and Michael Moore duke it out.

 The Guardian does something funny: condenses Elizabeth Wurtzel's new book down to 400 words.

 Going back in time: from 1979, Lester Bangs interviews Brian Eno.

 This week's City Pages asks: Penny/Pen-pinching at the Strib? Also, a somewhat inventive piece about 24 hours in Twin Cities music.

 Andrew Sullivan, who I admitedly don't read or link to enough, has a Blogger Manifesto which makes the case for blogging as a form of journlism. Oh, this is mainstream now? Well, time to find another hobby, I guess.

 An interview with Slavoj Zizek in the new Bad Subjects.

 For those sorry Gen X saps out there: Say Anything is coming out on DVD.

 Good piece from Michael Lewis on Satellite Subversives in Iran.

 Thanks to everyone who sent soup recipes. And to those who suggested additional cover songs.

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