mar 23

Daily Show on YouTube -- Not

The Daily Show on Viacom's problems with YouTube, brought to you by the PC guy not the Mac guy -- but on Viacom's website not on YouTube. Got that?


I might be missing the punchline here, but John Hodgman (another Daily Show correspondent) is the PC guy--not Demetri Martin...though Demetri does bear a striking resemblence to the Mac guy.

posted by Doghouse at 1:52 AM on March 24, 2007

What Doghouse said.

posted by jen at 9:51 AM on March 24, 2007

Microsoft pays for his Clearification series, tho...

posted by Eloise at 12:33 PM on March 24, 2007

Right, Demetri Martin is a Vista spokesperson.

posted by Rex at 2:36 PM on March 24, 2007

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