apr 8


Seattle Weekly has a decent (and thorough) profile of the CapHill-based music recommendation engine iLike (my profile), which so far I like more than Last.FM.


What makes you like it better? I've accumulated a lot of stats on Last.FM, so switching would require a heartrending break with the past.

Love with site, by the way.

posted by Barrett at 10:48 PM on April 8, 2007

That was supposed to be a "the," not a "with." I swear I'm not drunk.

posted by Barrett at 10:51 PM on April 8, 2007

This is one of the cases where the internet brings us back to the seventies, eighties, whatever, where you learned about cool new songs/bands by word of mouth. The mouth is just bigger and available all the time...

posted by Sandman at 10:40 AM on April 9, 2007

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