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Jimmy vs. Emily

This is so weird I'm not sure I can type it: Jimmy Kimmel sat in as the host of Larry King Live and ranted about Gawker Stalker while editor Emily Gould cowered under the verbal lashing of a Michael Jackson lawyer who seized on the whole moment by predicting Gawker will get sued. (And if that's not enough, Radar's reaction and Gawker's response.)

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I don't particularly like Kimmel OR Gawker, but this clip just pissed me off. The mainstream media is so clueless about, and therefore threatened by, how blogs work. Kimmel looks ridiculous, cranky, and petty here. (And I guess Gould can write snark a lot better than she can speak it . . .)

posted by Lauren at 10:31 AM on April 11, 2007

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