apr 22


Bjork performing "Earth Intruders" last night on SNL. The music video of the same song. (I'm afraid to say my girl has lost it.)



Very Respectfully,

posted by Joe Moran at 10:08 PM on April 22, 2007

lost it? it's back, my friend. i'll follow her to the ends of the earth wherever her muse leads, but, boy, it's nice to stomp around in "human behavior" territory for a little bit.

posted by rogerniner at 7:43 PM on April 23, 2007

I'm glad you said it. I think the French horn girls in togas behind her gave her SNL performance a Xanadu vibe...can I say that?

posted by longtime fimoc reader & bjork fan at 10:29 PM on April 25, 2007

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