may 4

Hit That

The newest M.I.A. song to leak, "Hit That", uses lyrics cribbed from -- I kid you not -- Wreckx-n-Effect's "Rump Shaker." This is interesting to me because it's not a musical sample, but rather a lyrical sample -- and yet not a cover.


This is actually fairly common in rap, and the line b/w what I guess you could call "fair use homage" and "biting" isn't always clear. For example, Cam's diss track of Jay-Z "Swagger Jacker" consists of a medley of Jay-Z repeating other MC's lines. Although Jay is IMHO the best MC alive right now, I do think it's treading a thin line to constantly repeat bars from another rapper.

posted by joseph at 2:01 PM on May 4, 2007

Another quick example: The Cool Kids' song "'88" drops into some Men Without Hats.

posted by Ryan at 4:41 PM on May 6, 2007

Didn't mean to imply this was extremely unique... anyway, my favorite example: Lifter Puller's "Roaming The Foam," which strangely drops Guns 'n Roses and Salt 'n Pepper next to each other.

posted by Rex at 4:54 PM on May 6, 2007

There were actually two songs this year that quoted C.R.E.A.M.; Swizz Beatz "It's me Snitches" and DJ Khaleed "We Takin Over." Just saying.

posted by Chris at 5:07 PM on May 6, 2007

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