may 7

25 Sad Songs

The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World. Good because all the songs are streamed on the page.



the "mad world" cover by gary jules.

the john wayne gacy song by sufjan stevens. i swear you can hear ss crying at the end.

also it's weird that there are pracitcally no proper blues songs in there.

posted by adm at 12:11 AM on May 7, 2007

Good list, but it should include "St. James Infirmary." (Bobby "Blue" Bland's version)

I went down to St. James Infirmary
And I heard my baby moan.
And I felt so broken hearted.
She used to be my very own.
And I tried so hard to keep from crying.
My heart felt just like lead.
She was all that I had to live for.
Oh, I wish it was me instead.
Now she's gone, she's gone and may God bless her
Wherever she may be.
She can search this wide world over
And she'll never find a man like me.
She's gone . . . She's gone . . . She's gone.

posted by ColdChef at 12:58 AM on May 7, 2007

Bah! Minus 2 points for no Sun Kill Moon and having to click nine thousand times to get through the list.

But +1 for Mr. Buckley.

posted by Nav at 10:01 AM on May 7, 2007

I'm with you on the Sun Kil Moon -- great album. Mark Kozelek could have put a song or two on the list with Red House Painters, as well. And no Cure? Maybe they figured that would be too obvious.

But No. 1 on my personal list has to be "Does He Love You" by Rilo Kiley. I still feel a gut punch every time that song hits its apex.

posted by Ryan at 2:42 PM on May 7, 2007

no Portishead on the list? hm. at least my favorite song is number 3. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing...

posted by marina at 5:36 PM on May 8, 2007

guess all of you are to young for 'Alone Again, Naturally' ...

Rex, you've got some old timers who are regular visiters ... well, at least one.

posted by rmac at 2:00 AM on May 9, 2007

I included a link previously, but was so busy yelling at some whippersnapper to get of my lawn that I did something wrong. Dadgummit!

posted by rmac at 2:12 AM on May 9, 2007

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