may 31

Wiki Love

Continuing my prolonged fascination with pretty much anything on Wikipedia, a few entries I'm currently loving: Laminated List, Technological Singularity, and Retcon. Wikipedia makes me feel both preposterously dumb and ridiculously smart at the same time.


did you see that thing on techcrunch today about the evolution of the portal, i.e., where do people get the information they need?

it describes the evolution as going from "Browse" (Yahoo) to "Search" (Google) to "Share" (Facebook).

An interesting take, but I think really that Facebook (or social network of your choice) plus Wikipedia is what belongs in that third spot. I really think probably 95% of what you want from the web nowadays can be found in Wikipedia and one social app or another, and the remaining 10% can be handled by Google Maps and Orbitz.

posted by adm at 8:18 PM on May 31, 2007

I've always called my Laminated List my "get out of jail free list" but I like this new term better.

Also, I'm surprised that you've never used "retcon" in your dealings with the fairer sex. *rimshot!*

posted by Jim Ray at 8:19 PM on May 31, 2007

...remaining 5%, I mean. Mid-sentence re-calculation there.

posted by adm at 8:25 PM on May 31, 2007

JIM: I never realized it, but yeah, I've been retconned over and over in post-relationship situations.

ADM: I always skip the Techcrunch analysis pieces, but that's pretty good. Making it a link....

posted by Rex at 8:34 PM on May 31, 2007

I have LOST to thank for making me familiar with "retcon"

posted by John at 9:02 AM on June 1, 2007

We're loving that Wikipedia entry on the Laminated List ourselves - someone threw us a bone at The Laminated List Fantasy draft.

posted by The Brooklyn Boy at 11:02 PM on June 4, 2007

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