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Top Ten Postrock Albums

Top Ten Postrock Albums. Leaving off Tortoise and Sigur Ros seems a mistake.


If leaving those 2 off is a mistake, then leaving off Do Make Say Think is a crime against humanity.

posted by Nav at 8:27 PM on June 1, 2007

didn't make it past the first half of the first sentence. what am i, in grad school? or, more to the point, in class with an undergraduate who thinks he's in grad school?

posted by adm at 10:12 PM on June 1, 2007

No Explosions in the Sky either... blah.

posted by Meow at 10:31 PM on June 1, 2007

Mogwai.. Where is the Mogwai!

posted by mblind at 1:40 PM on June 4, 2007

yeah, i think the point of that list is to prove how much the authors taste in post rock is cooler than yours. your post rock, like godspeed, or mogwai or sigur ros is way too pop to be cool. i will give the author credit for mentioning slint though, that was my first in to proper independant music back in high school. though i take the credit back because it was left off the list.

posted by kittyholmes at 5:39 PM on June 5, 2007

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