jun 11

Paris Is Retarded

As I see it, the problem with last week's Paris Hilton story is this: there is absolutely no acceptable opinion. Every single response sounds retarded. Outrage at the justice system? Retarded. Outrage at the media? Retarded. Outrage at the public? Retarded. Cultural relevance response? Retarded. Sympathy for Paris? Retarded. Apathy? Retarded. Non-answers like this? Totally retarded. And then Christopher Hitchens comes along with something that seems perhaps non-retarded... but it's still retarded.

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You didn't mention unapologetic glee. As Hitchens points out, we can't really escape the coverage of her very silly life. I think we've all got a raging case of schadenfreude. The punishment may not fit the actual crime, but it's barely enough to make up for her smug exhibitionism.

I don't care if I'm retarded.

posted by Sassmaster at 10:36 AM on June 12, 2007

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