jun 21

Journalists Who Donate

We (MSNBC.com) put up a big investigative report this morning about journalists who donate money to politicians. It includes a list of journalists who wrote wrote political checks -- 144 journalists who have given money to politicians since 2004. The report also includes detailed responses (of some kind) from nearly every journalist. The blogosphere is, of course, outraged.


Gideon Yago's response is, by far, my favorite. And the conservative nutjob faction of Digg came out of the woodwork when this one landed on the homepage. All I'm saying is, thank GAWD we've got Hannity.

posted by Jim Ray at 9:34 PM on June 21, 2007

I like Gideon Yago's response as well.

This isn't an ethical or moral issue, and it isn't about skewering the news or a liberal bias - whether you're a journalist for a news channel, radio station or print publication you have editors and it's the job of the editor to deliver fair and balanced news as well as the duty of the journalist. I would hope that if any journalist delivered a skewed story, biased in one way or another, that it would be treated as an editorial piece and presented in that way. These journalists are private citizens and the fact that they donate to the green party, cheney 08' election funds or to the KKK is not a matter for public opinion.

The MSNBC piece struck me as careless, manufactured "journalism" and the fact that it's treated as an exposé of sorts says a hell of a lot more about the standards of MSNBC than it does about the individual journalists and the media outlets they work for.

I wrote a little bit about why I think people view journalism as biased on my site if anyone cares to read more of my dribble.

posted by Mathew at 3:15 PM on June 22, 2007

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