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The new hyped band? That would be the French DJ duo Justice, who Pitchfork gave an 8.4, NYT profiled, and HypeMachine fist-pumped.


Ok, those Pitchfork snobs are totally right on this one, these guys are really good. now that Air are not that hot anymore, we need a new French duo to adore. I actually predicted that D.A.N.C.E. will be one of this year's hottest songs..I would, however, always choose Chemical Brothers over them or any other electro act for that matter.

posted by marina at 4:58 PM on July 2, 2007

Pitchfork doused the new Chemical Brothers album today.

posted by Rex at 5:49 PM on July 2, 2007

ha ha.

posted by marina at 6:36 PM on July 2, 2007

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