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Six Degrees of Bob Dylan

I am about to draw a line of six degrees of separation from Bob Dylan to Paris Hilton in the most asinine way possible. Ready? Okay, have you been following this story about Lindsay Lohan's "girlfriend" who betrayed her? (Shut up, you have too.) So that wonderful girl is Samantha Ronson. (I mean, haha, DJ Samantha Ronson. Seriously.) Now, her brother is... that's right, Mark Ronson, producer of Lily Allen and Amy Whinehouse, not to mention having the second-best album of the year so far (that's not opinion -- it's so damn good that Pitchfork didn't even get it). Anyway, as everyone (plus Wikipedia) knows, DJ Samantha Ronson is BFF with DJ AM (because they're both DJs! doy!) who is of course... yep, not the father of Nicole Richie's baby. Done! Oh wait, how do I get Dylan into this clusterfuck? For the first time ever, Dylan has agreed to have one of his songs remixed by.... Mark Ronson! So to repeat: Paris --> Lindsay --> Nicole --> DJ AM --> DJ Samantha Ronson --> Mark Ronson --> Bob Dylan. See, aren't you people glad I'm just a link blogger?


Also, omg: Mark Ronson was previously engaged to Rashida "Office Karen" Jones... who is of course the daughter of Peggy Lipton and... Quincy Jones!... who is of course the godfather of... Nicole Richie!

posted by Rex at 2:06 AM on July 12, 2007

There's also a rumor that Nicole Richie's biological father is Pete Escovedo, better known as.... Sheila E.'s brother. So I could bring this all back home to Prince... who is from Minnesota... just like... Dylan!

posted by Rex at 2:32 AM on July 12, 2007

Love you like a brother, and I follow the news, but those gossip blogs will rot your brain.

posted by Ted Rheingold at 2:41 AM on July 12, 2007

Gossip blogs? I picked all this up watching CSPAN.

posted by Rex at 2:46 AM on July 12, 2007

If rap music is the black CNN,
what does that make you?

posted by chuck at 2:54 AM on July 12, 2007

The whiteboy Lifetime?

posted by Rex at 2:56 AM on July 12, 2007

Wheels within wheels...

Anyway, what I got out of this was "Mark Ronson's album is excellent."

posted by Jake at 8:54 AM on July 12, 2007

this is great Rex, really. all I have to add is that I predict Lohan and Ronson will be friends for 2 more seconds, Mark Ronson is awesome and Pitchfork sucks.

posted by marina at 11:01 AM on July 12, 2007

Shouldn't it go Paris-Lindsay-Samantha-Mark-Bob? Samantha and Mark, being siblings, probably don't need DJ AM to link them. Meow!

posted by lindsay at 12:44 PM on July 12, 2007

Oh, I'm sure they all know each other. It was a dumb exercise in the futility of celebrity relations.

posted by Rex at 12:49 PM on July 12, 2007

That DJ is, like, totally on heroin. Look at those sickly rings under her eyes. Who wouldn't want to have babies with that?

posted by Eric at 4:01 PM on July 12, 2007

This outpouring of comments proves it: There is a pent-up demand for full Fimocu-posts. More! More!

posted by Robin at 6:08 PM on July 12, 2007

It seems worth pointing out that I reached this post by seeing you microblog about your lineblogging through an integrated app on your Facebook profile. I dunno - I like the messy, linky symmetry.

And though I'm not op-uh-timistic - it's not like you get all these comments on your short posts, is it? ;)

posted by Nav at 11:04 PM on July 12, 2007

Paris Hilton's publicist - Elliot Mintz - previously represented Bob Dylan and John Lennon.

posted by steve-o at 3:24 PM on July 13, 2007

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