aug 2


By now you've heard of the tragedy that is the 35W bridge in Minneapolis -- a bridge I know by heart, above and below. To see a little lesson in how crowd-sourced journalism works, the thread on my old site, MNspeak, is pretty amazing.


I believe everyone I know is safe, but still waiting on some.

posted by Rex at 12:50 AM on August 2, 2007

crazy. i was stuck on this bridge for a hour last night. my aunt was on it 5 minutes before it collapsed. my friend was on it, but slid down to safety.

our disaster response rocked
. rescue divers were in the water immediately after this happened. what a nightmare, but i'm proud to be from here tonight.

posted by MN Native at 1:04 AM on August 2, 2007

Horrible, horrible. Many photos on flickr tonight. Here are a couple of streams:

posted by Shazz Mack at 1:17 AM on August 2, 2007

that is so scary. i have a distrust of bridges already, which i guess is a side effect of living in an earthquake zone. (the bay bridge lost a big chunk in '89, and a major freeway collapsed too.) but to just give out suddenly? thats really freaky.

posted by kitty holmes at 1:02 PM on August 2, 2007

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