aug 8

Keillor on Bridge

It wasn't so long ago that Garrison Keillor got a cell phone. My oh my, he was giddy with delight. Now he writes in Salon about being in NYC and getting calls on it from Minnesota after the bridge collapsed. Of course, he never misses an opportunity to impose his caricatured brand on all my friends ("We are a state of Germans and Scandinavians"... umm, not all of us, yo), and he seems to think the worst thing about the bridge collapse is that it will hinder his trips to the Mayo Clinic.

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Dude, no. I love Keillor. As a person, not the greatest. But it's nice to have a booster out there, spinning out these Minnesota myths -- it puts the state on the map.

But still, I pissed about this article too. Especially: "You want to visit Rochester, pay your own freight. Don't expect Minnesota to take care of you." ... Sweet. I mean we're known for good government. Even w/ bridges: inspecting them annually? Way fewer deficient bridges compared to nationally? It's doubtful that correcting any oversights would've saved the bridge. Sometimes bridges do just fall over, Garrison.

posted by hey now at 1:18 AM on August 9, 2007

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