aug 12

Another Gibson Interview

Salon: interview with W. Gibson.


I saw W. Gibson speak here in SF and he was, er, surprisingly normal. Totally wouldn't answer questions about the future. He was like: "I have no idea! Ask Bruce Sterling!" Sort of awesome.

posted by Robin at 12:14 AM on August 13, 2007

If you've never seen it, the movie No Maps for These Territories is pretty great at getting across Gibson's personality.

There are so many good lines in the interview. I'll grab this one, which has a ton of personal resonance:

"Before I was online, I would spend a ridiculous amount of money on magazines, and I would have a six-inch stack beside my computer. Whenever the prose stopped coming I'd reach over and flip through a magazine. Magazines are by definition aggregators of novelty, so I'd get a condensed hit of what a bunch of journalists thought was novel and interesting, and often it would just spark something. The Web has taken over that function."

posted by Rex at 12:26 AM on August 13, 2007

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