aug 14

Mad Men

I'm probably the only one on the internet who is watching AMC's Mad Men, but I'm here to tell you it's pretty great -- sorta like Sopranos for the advertising world. Some videos.


I'll second that.

posted by Doug at 3:09 PM on August 14, 2007

It's too bad the show's on AMC because it deserves wider viewership. I didn't even know that I had AMC until I went looking for this show...what a backwater that channel is!

posted by Doghouse at 3:24 PM on August 14, 2007

Are the episodes online anywhere?

posted by Matt at 3:29 PM on August 14, 2007

You are not the only person on the net watching Mad Men--hating on its historical accuracy or lack thereof is a pastime on many TV sites.

posted by a reader writes at 4:46 PM on August 14, 2007

Literalists are killing the internet.

posted by Rex at 4:56 PM on August 14, 2007

it is a good show. and at least they make an effort at historical accuracy, and they pick up on smart things to highlight, like the VW "Lemon" add.

matt, you can download them from itunes. it's definitely worth the $4 for the first two episodes.

posted by adm at 5:02 PM on August 14, 2007

Hmm... My favorite advertising based movie is still "Roger Dodger".

posted by taulpaul at 6:13 PM on August 14, 2007

I'm watching it and really enjoying it - this Thursday's epsiode was especialy strong ... Double Mad Men

posted by Paul Levinson at 5:49 AM on August 18, 2007

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