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aug 15

Seattle Teriyaki

If you walk around Seattle, one of the unusual things you'll notice is the number of Teriyaki joints -- the red & yellow neon signs are seemingly everywhere, with greater concentration than anywhere else you'd expect it (San Fran, Vancouver.... Tokyo). The Seattle Weekly does a little investigation into where they all came from.


You have no idea how much I miss the Teriyaki in Seattle. It is nearly impossible to find almost anywhere else.

I used to eat it three to five times a week when I was at UW. I grew up near Toshi's on Greenlake just thinking of it makes me hungry.

Interestingly, the sushi there is not nearly as good as other places IMHO.

posted by Gavin at 4:46 PM on August 15, 2007

Does Minneapolis have a signature cuisine? I'm trying to think of something that out-of-state visitor or expats need to have when they visit. Breakfast joints comes to mind, also good local bars, but they both seem a little too generic to qualify. Any thoughts MN/ND/SD people?

posted by cornejo at 12:24 PM on August 16, 2007

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