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Rex Sorgatz

The Grey Album is less great in retrospect

sep 12

Lindsayism on Quirk

Lindsay tears apart Michael Hirschorn's "quirk" piece from The Atlantic (mentioned yesterday). Good little debate there. UPDATE: Buzzfeed turned it all into a meme.


i think what really bothers people is the endless ironic-ness of our culture. quirk is great, irony w/o a purpose gets tiring after a while.

here's a quote from david foster wallace i ran into the other day, which says it better than i can:

"i find gifted ironists sort of wickedly funny to listen to at parties, but i always walk away feeling like i've had several radical surgical procedures. and as for actually driving cross-country with a gifted ironist, or sitting through a 300-page novel full of nothing by trendy sardonic exhaustion, one ends up feeling not only empty but somehow ... oppressed"

posted by yep at 7:40 PM on September 12, 2007

Tears apart? Um, Lindsay posted two graphs.

posted by taylor at 9:30 PM on September 12, 2007

That's long today!

posted by Rex at 9:35 PM on September 12, 2007

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