sep 19

Online Cheating

Online couple cheated with each other. The grass is always greener... or something.


Oh dear. It's Rupert Holmes' Pina Colada song come to life.

posted by bob tomorrowland at 1:20 PM on September 19, 2007

Well, Zenica's population is about 1/22th the size of Seattle's Metro area. It's like having the same thing happen with a couple in Spokane looking for someone to cheat on that's also in Spokane.

Still really strange though, especially if they were living together.

posted by Aaron at 2:39 PM on September 19, 2007

Actually, it's even more funny that it's a smaller town. Because the internet is infinite, and you end up with someone in your community is great.

If this happened in the little town I grew up in (pop. 900), it would have been absolutely perfect.

posted by Rex at 2:50 PM on September 19, 2007

I mean, it's not even about the fact that they live in a small town. they freakin' live in the same house!! fantastic..

posted by marina at 6:17 PM on September 21, 2007

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