oct 1

Dead Wood

Sign-of-the-times story on how some NYC newsstands cease selling newspapers because they're not making any money either.

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I majored in journalism, so I used to think, "The more information, the better!" I didn't think online news should replace the newspaper -- because it leaves out huge chunks of the local population.

I took pride that a city as small as Minneapolis has 2 large newspapers (and a ton of smaller ones) and the highest literacy rate in the country.

But, the Par Ridder thing, the firings @ City Pages (and its complete awfulness since), the firings of awesome writers @ the Strib (especially the Capitol reporters), and firings @ the PiPress -- it all sent me over the edge. I'm the newspaper's target demo, but I will never subscribe to a newspaper again. They've totally alienated anyone who's paid attention --- meaning the new generation of potential newspaper subscribers.

posted by yep at 6:31 PM on October 1, 2007

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