oct 15


NY Mag's take-down of Gawker: Everybody Sucks. And Denton's response: The Long and Illustrious History of Bile. Follow-ups from: Anil and Rachel and Neal.


Man that NYMag pieces sucks.

Seriously, tho, not that Gawker is unassailable, but this -- and Kimmel sitting in for fucking Larry King -- isn't the way to do it.

posted by taylor at 11:02 AM on October 15, 2007

Okay, what sucks about it?

I like the quotes. I'm continuously impressed with how much Choire gets away with. And Moe's quote is mint: "Discretion is how I didn't figure out how to come until I was 24 years old."

posted by Rex at 2:00 PM on October 15, 2007

And this one:

Are there going to be a lot of bloggers there? his boyfriend asks, and Denton nods. He sighs.

Writing a profile piece on Gawker that's just like longer, less toothy take-down piece from Gawker? C'mon.

"Next, she was hired by Star magazine as an editor-at-large. She doesnt actually write anything, though. Her job is to go on TV and pretend that she works at Star."

Howabout a little more than one paragraph on the decline of NY's print and visual media in the seven pages on name dropping?

posted by taylor at 8:58 PM on October 15, 2007

Thanks for cataloging the responses. I found that article deeply fascinating. When the page loaded with 7 "next page" links I initially groaned and thought "7 pages about gawker?" By the end I was like "why not fourteen?"

posted by josh at 12:17 PM on October 17, 2007

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