oct 15


Don't expect a 10.0 in Pitchfork review of Radiohead's In Rainbows.... instead, they leave it up to you. (But, no really, it's 9.3.) Harp has speculation that 1.2 million sold.


was there ever a 10.0 review on Pichfork??

posted by marina at 6:15 PM on October 15, 2007

Oh yeah, plenty. OK Computer and Kid A, for example. But also, Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Flaming Lip's The Soft Bulletin, For you Minneapolites, 12 Rods even got a 10.0 once.

posted by Rex at 6:24 PM on October 15, 2007

Ok, I see. you know what would have been cool? if they had allowed users to review the record ...they're too snotty for that, though

posted by marina at 6:50 PM on October 15, 2007

Since the pile of adjectives told me nothing about the actual sound of the album, I rate the review 2.0.

posted by Nick Douglas at 2:50 AM on October 17, 2007

I'd be curious to see the sales metrics. What was the top price, how many freebies, what was the median price? is Radiohead making the info public @ any point?

posted by geoff at 10:25 PM on October 17, 2007

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