oct 29

New Release Tuesday

Not much in new releases this week, except a couple tv dvd compliations (all of My So-Called Life and all of Twin Peaks) and a couple soundtracks (Control from the Joy Division biopic and I'm Not There from the Bob Dylan biopic). There's also the new Britney album, if that's your thang. The reviews have actually been pretty good.

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SF Chron review of Blackout

Things I'd rather do than listen to Britney Spears' new album: (1) Change Koko the talking gorilla's diaper, (2) Watch "You've Got Mail" twice, (3) Eat the Malibu chicken platter at Sizzler, (4) Play Frisbee with a cat, (5) Make out with Jenna Bush, (5) Lick lead paint off a set of recalled Thomas the Tank Engine trains, (6) Shove a dozen Twinkies down the back of my pants and sit on a beanbag, (7) Go trick-or-treating dressed as a smoking squirrel, (8) Marry Kevin Federline and give him custody of my children, (9) Exercise, (10) Karate-chop the Eiffel Tower in half, (11) Buy back my Wham! cassettes from Amoeba, (12) Train a pack of Doberman pinschers to rob a bank, (13) Listen to Backstreet Boys' new album, (14) Tattoo every character of the Mandarin language on my left leg, and (15) Stop looking at foot-fetish porn on the Internet. What am I waiting for? That's an awesome to-do list!

posted by Steve Portigal at 10:44 AM on October 30, 2007

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