nov 8

Online Love Realized: NyGirlOfMyDreams

Romance in the digital age? This one's for you! This dude -- Patrick Moberg -- set up a website called after he fell for a girl in the NY subway. The girl -- Camille Hayton -- has found him. The dude, it turns out, works for Vimeo, so of course Jakob Lodwick made a video about the whole thing. If this doesn't make sense, certainly a NYT Styles story will put it in context for you next week! And while this all sounds pretty sweet, it unfortunately is not the way the world works. Please, people -- just resign yourself to unrealized Missed Connections like everyone else. [via]



posted by angela at 3:15 PM on November 8, 2007

I smell a hoax...a New York hoax..

posted by marina at 6:04 PM on November 8, 2007

I hope that "girl of your dreams" comes even close to your expectations once you actually talk to her, Patrick.

posted by mokin at 7:27 PM on November 8, 2007

first thing i thought of when i heard this story, publicity stunt

posted by Dik at 9:33 PM on November 8, 2007

Exceedingly improbable,wait, in a few days Blackbox will admit it was a hoax and all for publicity!

posted by Anthony at 12:41 PM on November 9, 2007

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