nov 19


Michael Wolff writes about the media industry the way I talk about it -- spastic, condescending, and full-of-himself (myself). His newest Vanity Fair column, Generals, Gadgets, and Guerrillas, coughs its way through an evisceration of everyone from cable companies to record labels, landing on a strange planet where -- hahahah ha -- the Google Phone triumphs over the iPhone. Get this: "Google's gadget will, undoubtedly, and counter-intuitively, seek to pull the rug out from under Apple, countering Apple's closed system by offering an open-access world, one where anything is permissible -- alongside Google ads -- and thereby achieve super-dominance for itself." Sure, I guess.


It's almost a decade old, but's takedown of Michael Wolff continues to invalidate anything that goof writes:

posted by Johnny at 11:42 AM on November 19, 2007

Man, this reminds me how much I miss Suck.

posted by Rex at 11:59 AM on November 19, 2007

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