jul 7

duh big city

 The Times takes Sonic Youth's new album for a tour. These audio reviews are a good direction for the site. They're easy to produce and expand their reach beyond the printed product. Previous ones have included Weezer, DJ Shadow, and Wilco.

 The creator of ALICE Bot is a bipolar smarty with a restraining order barring him from setting foot at Berkeley and a medical marijuana prescription. NY Times Mag profiles him. It has great ruminations on the philosophy of language and the nature of creativity. Plus, it gives me another chance to link to my invention, the robot-to-robot communication device (which is still in beta, cuz I'm busy lately).

 Even if you don't live in duh twin cities, you should still read at least the first few paragraphs to Dara's review of the new destination food spot in town: Rock Star. Dining as social critique is seldom better.

 Betting on suicide attacks.

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