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Gothamist and Gawker covered it six months ago, but this week NYT laid out Virtual Lower East Side for the rest of the world in "I've Been in That Club, Just Not in Real Life". Since moving to NYC two months ago, I've had approximately 83 lunches and 1,729 drinks in the Lower East Side. I'm not sure why someone would want to virtualize it, but I don't understand most of what MTV does anymore. (Except The Hills, of course. That pshit's pure virtual genius.)

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Well teens can go to this version, for one. That's who I ran into when trying it just now. Ugh, the slang. When queried as to whether the place was tight, and if Second Life was tight, I had to admit to "Pothead" that I wasn't sure. I was worried some of my 80s slang might slip out and then I'd catch a teen-disdain attitude beatdown. Do the kids still say "gnarly"? No? Oh dear.

posted by Eric at 2:58 AM on January 7, 2008

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