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Fake Newsroom, Real Anger

Out of the million new links about The Wire out there right now, I'm picking this dimension of the show to reflect upon: David Simon despises John Carroll and wrote some of this season out of revenge. If the name John Carroll rings a bell, it's because he was recently portrayed in press circles as a mensch for quitting his job as the editor of the LA Times to protest staff cuts. All of this makes the reality/fictional elements of The Wire even more complex. Update: I should also link to the similarly-themed article in The Atlantic: The Angriest Man in Television.

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You know, I love The Wire and I think David Simon is a brilliant writer, but here he comes off as a whining loser. Sorry, but this is just unprofessional, much like when Michael Crichton slurred New Republic editor Michael Crowley as a pederast. It's not witty or funny, even if you know the inside dirt, just stupid and petty and small.

posted by Jim Ray at 12:36 PM on January 7, 2008

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