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Juno Soundtrack

The soundtrack to Juno comes out tomorrow. It contains tracks by The Kinks, Kimya Dawson, Belle & Sebastian, Mott The Hoople, The Velvet Underground, and, most notably (if you saw the movie), Sonic Youth's cover of "Superstar" and Michael Cera & Ellen Page singing "Anyone Else But You."

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Little story:

There's a lady who sits next to me here at work who is the consummate poor drunkard...always getting fall down drunk, comes in Monday morning explaining either her/her roommate's trip to the hospital to anyone that will listen - with caveat of "I'm never drinking again"...and repeat that every week.

Ipso facto, I don't like her...if you're going to be a drunk, be a classy drunk, right?

Anyways, a few weeks back she mentioned how much she loved Juno because she went to school in St. Cloud and felt at home with the references. I don't have cable and I tend not to follow movies as closely as I used to so I had only briefly heard of the movie...went home, watched the trailer online and felt weird about it...

How could I not like the movie with such a cast, I thought...but then, what would that say about me if I then identified with this piss-poor human who I have the poor luck of having to sit next to for eight hours a day?

One of my friends invited me out shortly after and we went and saw it...and I liked it...and felt remorse...

But then folks such as yourself chimed in with positive words and balanced my thoughts out...if I'm in the wrong for liking it...at least I'm in good company (now).

posted by Chris at 12:55 PM on January 7, 2008

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