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I have never heard of Skins, but apparently it's a British teen drama on Channel 4. Somehow, they licensed Radiohead's "Nude" for the trailer, which makes it look like a teen Caligula, which in turn makes you wish you were in London. [via]


A couple days ago I found out about it because I'm subscribed to idents.tv. http://idents.tv/blog/2008/01/07/sbs-and-e4-show-some-skins/ has a higher resolution version as well as a completely different promo for it.

posted by Aaron at 11:55 PM on January 9, 2008

eh, my prep school was cooler.

posted by Ted Rheingold at 2:47 AM on January 10, 2008

Funny, I just had an image of two screenplays... your prep school and my middle-of-North-Dakota high school... you'd get an Oscar, but I'd get a Spirit Award!

posted by Rex at 2:50 AM on January 10, 2008

That's a cool trailer. I've seen a few episodes and it's more amusing than anything else. There's sex in it of course, but I'd actually class it as a comedy.

posted by PJ at 8:32 AM on January 10, 2008

good lord if this stuff was on publicly-funded tv in the us, people would freak.

posted by ... at 8:36 AM on January 10, 2008

folks would probably freak if it was on publicly-funded tv in the uk too. fortunately it's on channel four.

posted by tchew at 11:31 PM on January 12, 2008

Yet another promo for Skins and more from Tom Townend's Showreel.

posted by Aaron at 9:10 AM on January 13, 2008

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