jan 15

iPhone Web Apps

I'm rifling through the new iPhone web apps right now. No one sees a Twitter one, do they? I mean, having a metronome or a fingerprint scanner in your pocket is pretty cool and all...


I don't have an iPhone, so I cannot vouch for whether its any good - but there is pockettweets

posted by MattR at 3:08 PM on January 15, 2008

I like hahlo, but it doesn't support "paging" .

posted by josh at 3:12 PM on January 15, 2008

For Tweeting:


About JustUpdate
Provides a fast loading (on EDGE and WiFi) field to post updates to twitter without having to pay for an SMS, complete with a characters remaining counter.

JustUpdate also tries hard to make sure that even if there is a network failure, or a twitter failure, your update isnt lost.

posted by bietz at 7:06 PM on January 15, 2008

I use and it's pretty good


posted by Adam at 10:27 PM on January 15, 2008

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