jan 22

Oscar Nominations

Oscar nominations. Juno made it in for best picture (and director, actress, and screenplay), causing a bunch of my friends to start drinking at 9 am. And since we're dwelling on our midwest past, Pitchfork has a Tapes 'n Tapes interview about the new album, Walk It Off, due out in April. They'll be at SXSW, where I expect to join in the drinking this time.


I really don't understand why Juno got a nod for best director. Was it because he got his actors to say that undeliverable dialog? Because he was able to find a hamburger phone?

posted by adm at 12:39 PM on January 22, 2008

I would agree, but you know why I think it was nominated? Because they wanted to show that it's a legit contender for best picture. (I don't mean to suggest it will win, because it won't. It maybe could have last year though.)

posted by Rex at 12:42 PM on January 22, 2008

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